Friday, May 4, 2012

I Can't Go Home

Today, I feel like want to share my happiness.. I got 4 flat in my examination.. oh yeah!.. But however, as what people says, the hardness of studying in foundation is not exceeding a quarter of studying in medic course.. Performance every week, assignments, 6 lab reports a week, tests and homeworks.. All are considered.. Tambahan pula, sy ni jenis yang pemalas sikit.. Huhu, I'm hoping my environment at the moment will suit me. I'll try, nothing is impossible..

      Believe or not, I'm surrounded by teachers all this time.. No doctor.. Oh yeah! Ada tu ada, tapi d hospital.. Except one of my cousin, but she also still studying, in medic.. So, it will be a huge challenge to me to cope.. However, I bukan pesimis, tapi sedang bersedia untuk sesuatu yang baru, and of course I want it..

       Middle of this month, the shortlisted of student who will going into pre-medical will come out. And the saddest thing happen to me is upon this holiday, I belum balik lagi ke rumah di Sabah.. Hmmm, boleh bah kalau ko.

      This is because I have to help my cousins here (Kedah) to take care of her 1st baby when she went to work.. Just imagine, their house is at Jitra.. The husband working at Perlis and she, working at Penang.. Maybe jauh.. Tapi berdasarkan cerita-cerita lain, ada yang lebih jauh lagi.. That is reality hidup sesetengah orang.. Macam saya (tak lah teruk sangat).. Sebelum ni, tak pernah tinggal asrama.. All at once, kena berjauhan dengan family pula..   

     However, this is my choice.. Just be relax.. And thank so much, there is Allah that never leave me, whenever and wherever I'm at.